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Dr.-Ing. Heinrich Godbersen

These pages refer to some of my Multimedia activities. Look here for more material.

This website features my Plug-Ins (Custom Channels) for the 3D Program-Generator Quest3D in the areas of Communication, dynamic 3D Geometry/ Textures, and additional User Interfaces. Find application showcase videos here.

1. Internet Communication

Transfer of 3D geometry and images in real-time. Quest3D as render engine. Browser used as front end.

2. Generating 3D in Real-Time

Texture2Heightmap processes Images and Videos 

3. Additional User Interfaces

Kinect, Win7 Touch, OSC, .. 


2017-09-30 Legal change of ownership. Gosyen UG stops operation. Sale via Share-It terminated. I continue to provide personal support, Custom Channel continue to be available per e-mail.
2017-08-24 Embedding of videos updated. JavaScript recommended. Quest3D forum pages instable. Broken links repaired.
2015-08-25 Initial test of some custom channels on a Win10 system. No problems encountered.
2011-02-01 Shop started.

Plug-Ins in Action: My Videos

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My academic pages. (German) machine translated (English)

Reference Software:


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